Cody Signore is a filmmaker in the Boston area (USA) with a focus on Directing/Writing/Producing. He has worked on content as diverse as commercials, music videos, and feature films, approaching each project with passion, focus, and commitment to quality storytelling, regardless of the format he set out to explore.

As someone with experience across multiple mediums, Cody focuses on achieving a very personal yet versatile set of aesthetics. His photography has a touch of vintage warmth, and his film-making is carefully focused on the importance of scene blocking and frame composition. With a fondness for hand-held camera techniques, he also brings life to his scenes, highlighting the emotional responses that the characters are experiencing by way of how he operates the camera. This gives the audience a more immersive experience and a closer look into the world of the story.

Cody is currently telling stories as a Writer/Director on "Wandering with the Dead." A fiction Podcast from "Wanderer Recordings." Set in the old west, the story has darker horror overtones, making for a suspenseful experience available on Spotify and Apple.